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Day nine.... keeping us on our toes

You may notice some differences in this video. New venue. New dancer... what do you do when someone is sick the day before the performance? You step up. A lot of fast learning and good humour (thanks to Matt and his Blazing Saddles reference. Get well soon Rachael - "Can't you see she's sick!").

Day 8... I am a Camera, and so's my shadow

Had the lovely Bob Karper in to take some pics today. Jackets are on, details being refined, trying out in smaller more informal spaces. Getting to the point where decisions are being made not because they're right or the only options but because we have to show on Friday and I wanna give Rachael and Matt some security and ownership. There's still tomorrow to destroy it all though.... te he.

Day 7 ...hysteria setting in

Longer day today and beginning to collide things together. Relieved to discover that there is actually a piece. Rachael and Matt are as resilient as ever. It occurred to me today that I'm asking a lot of them to look ridiculous and purposefully move in awkward ways. It's not that I want to undermine all they are good at as dancers, just be indirect with it. Thank god they have sense of humour. There's a reason I like these two...

Day Six......in memory

Unsavoury conversation, jackets and fear of actual choreography. Todays statements included "choreography might kill it", "killing the moment", "don't want it to die" and "have to totally destroy it"... as such, it felt suitable for todays video to be a possible memorial service for choreography. Please be seated.

Day Five... over half way

Different studio, different energy (different piece?) and somehow, without realising it, we got stuff done today. A more contained energy for a more contained day. Still managed to knacker Matt and Rachael out though..."it won't be easy, you'll think it strange..."

Day Four

The videos return! Back in the studio with Matt and Rachael, their phone numbers, Jack Cole and the incredible Bill Cosby.